In September 2018, JASON OOSTHUIZEN, a renowned South African Drummer & Musician decided to broaden his musical horizons to a singer/songwriter position as frontman of OOOTH, a passion project.

November 2018 Oooth released their first full studio album (Who cares what you think) and thereafter the Live DVD of the album release (Keeping it Casual) as well as several music videos and singles were released since then.

Since then, OOOTH grew into a diverse brand consisting of OOOTH CLOTHING & MERCH (offering various shirts, jackets, patches & badges, and many more), OOOTH COFFEE (consisting of 2 signature blends), and recently launched OOOTH WINE (the first varietal being a 2019 Pinotage).

In the first months of 2020, Oooth released 2 new singles and music videos. In August 2020 ‘Grateful – acoustic’ single and music video lead the way to the full album launch of ‘Who cares what you Think – Acoustic’ in September 2020 paired with an awareness campaign for Farm Murders & Gender-Based Violence in SA.

January 2021 saw the release of the second studio rock album ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ paired with the music video for ‘Your Lies’ off this new album. The following months saw several more music video releases. The music videos and the album has already received airplay and press in Norway, Germany, Australia, Ireland, London, and South Africa as well as number 1, top 5, top 10 and Top 40 radio rankings.

“The plan is basically to release a video for each song off the new album. I think this is a great way to share our music and it is super fun to make these videos.” -Jason Oosthuizen

August brought on a super exciting collab, with none other than SA Icon, PJ Powers as they recorded and released the It’s Quite Simple song and music video and Jason is already planning several more collabs with iconic and inspirational South African musicians.

“November 2021 also marks Oooth’s third year of rocking out and we are super excited to release what we think is definitely one of our bests songs and music videos to date.” – Jason.