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In September 2018, JASON OOSTHUIZEN, a renowned Drummer & Musician decided to broaden his musical horizons to a singer/songwriter position as frontman of OOOTH, a passion project.

November 2018 Oooth released their first full studio album (Who cares what you think) and thereafter the Live DVD of the album release (Keeping it Casual) as well as several music videos and singles were released since then.

Since then, OOOTH grew into a diverse brand consisting of OOOTH CLOTHING & MERCH (offering various shirts, jackets, patches & badges, and many more), OOOTH COFFEE (consisting of 2 signature blends), and recently launched OOOTH WINE (the first varietal being a 2019 Pinotage).

In the first months of 2020, Oooth released 2 new singles and music videos. In August 2020 ‘Grateful – acoustic’ single and music video lead the way to the full album launch of ‘Who cares what you Think – Acoustic’ in September 2020 paired with an awareness campaign for Farm Murders & Gender-Based Violence in SA.

January 2021 saw the release of the second studio rock album ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ paired with the music video for ‘Your Lies’ off this new album. The following months saw several more music video releases. The music videos and the album has already received airplay and press in Norway, Germany, Australia, Ireland, London, and South Africa as well as number 1, top 5, top 10 and Top 40 radio rankings.

“The plan is basically to release a video for each song off the new album. I think this is a great way to share our music and it is super fun to make these videos.” -Jason Oosthuizen

August brought on a super exciting colab, with none other than SA Icon, PJ Powers as they recorded and released the It’s Quite Simple song and music video and Jason is already planning several more colabs with iconic and inspirational South African musicians.

“November 2021 also marks Oooth’s third year of rocking out and we are super excited to release what we think is definitely one of our bests songs and music videos to date.” – Jason.


All Album and Single releases.


Second Studio Rock Album released in January 2021. Also nominated for SAMA award for BEST ROCK ALBUM in 2021.


Acoustic edition of our first album, Who cares what you think? released during lockdown alongside our GBV and Farm Murders awareness event.


Our first studio rock album released in November 2018.


“This is really just a song written about partying really hard and having a good time and not caring about what other people think of you”, comments Jason.


“I wrote this song to shed light on all the people of our country that wish to just move forward, live their lives and grow, but are constantly faced with historical judgement and metaphorical wars. So many are ready to see South Africa grow, but so many are stuck on one-sided beliefs from different sides of our history.”


Oooth collaborating with iconic artists.

It’s Quite Simple – Ft. PJ Powers

August 2021 was an extra special month as Oooth will released their very first collaboration with none other than South African Icon and Lifetime Achievement Awards recipient, PJ Powers. The song release was paired with a rocking music video.

“Oooth is my new best friend and band. I am so excited; I have such wonderful energy with Jason. Rock ‘n roll is the pure liquid form of energy and it’s all about the levels of energy and I think that Oooth has got those levels incredibly well metered.” – PJ Powers


Watch the latest music video releases from Oooth Music here.


Last one for the year and the 6th video taken from our 2021 SAMA nominated release Nothing’s Gonna Change.

“This past almost 2 years have been a struggle for everyone, more than ever before and not just some. I wrote the song with that in mind and personally with what myself, family, friends, and fellow musos experienced, there is not much support from the higher powers. Yet the stress, anxiety and responsibilities just got more. So, when you feel like things are getting too much, scream and shout, it will at least make you feel better for a while. It’s also all we can do while we live in a country with people struggling with these issues on top of poverty and hunger for several years now, all for a select few pockets to tear from the seams with riches.” – Jason Oosthuizen


We decided to go with a neon-light fast-paced concept of the band playing all dressed in white with white instruments to match that of the fun and fast-paced song.

“I think this song can resonate with most people our age, the 30 to 40’s where we think back to our younger/ wilder years of partying, meeting new people every time and embracing our youth, but now we are in a transition phase of wanting more out of life, becoming more responsible and looking towards the future. We all want to party like there is no tomorrow, but we also want to become the best version of ourselves and don’t want that feeling of growth and aspirations to go away.” – Jason Oosthuizen


SUNSHINE, already hit number one on the Mix93.8FM SA Top 40 JustPlainDrive so we are very excited to release this video! “Everybody has someone or something in their lives that keeps them sane.

A lot of us don’t always cherish what we have until it’s gone so while making good memories, be sure to make a mental note.” – Jason Oosthuizen “The video plays off the song’s meaning. The song is not necessarily about love, but the value of creating important relationships in life. The music video with the 2 kids spending a memorable day together plays on a day that they will cherish forever.” – Jason Oosthuizen


DEPARTURES is the opening track on NOTHING’S GONNA CHANGE.

This video is quite chaotic, with all the elements shot in one day. The location also brought an interesting element as we drove through the outskirts of Pretoria with over an hour of farmland and eventually found this gem. The shoot had to also end early as Jason nearly passed out from running around and moving in all directions.


“The song is pretty much self-explanatory. Loving someone and hoping they would love you back and how it would suck if that person had to leave. The video pretty much plays on the concept of a runaway bride realising she actually loves someone else” – Jason Oosthuizen


YOUR LIES is the first video release from the new album NOTHING’S GONNA CHANGE.

“We decided to release a straightforward performance video purely as a build-up to the release of our new rock album. It was definitely still super fun to make and I must say, it’s my favourite performance video of Oooth so far. The song itself is really just a replay on the state of South Africa and after our first release in 2018 singing about similar issues, the fact of the matter is that it feels like ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ hence the album title” – Jason

LIVE DVD’s and Performances

Form capturing our very first performance and album release to Live Lockdown sessions.


The Live DVD, KEEPING IT CASUAL, is a live recording of the band’s debut launch show at Rivonia Barnyard on 26 November 2018. Produced by OOOTH (Pty) Ltd and shot by Jet Black London, the DVD documents the band’s debut show through 3 video cameras, 5 GoPro cameras and also features extra lightning and pyrotechnics. The DVD was mastered by Fourie Smit from Smack Entertainment.

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