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Oooth Entertainment offers a variety for young and old. Each show features a selection of South Africa’s top musicians and offers fans the ultimate rock ’n roll meets reggae funk experience. Each show’s killer line-up will keep you entertained and bring all your favourite songs back to life. Performing hits enjoyed by young and old, our bands are for all. Regardless of age, chances are you will be able to sing and dance along throughout the show.

We would like to introduce you to our bands for the ultimate rock ’n roll to reggae funk tribute experience.



ACDC and Deep Purple are two of the world’s favourite rock ’n roll bands from the 60’s and 70’s and this show will bring you the ultimate night of rock n roll with some of their greatest hits performed live. The amazing line up that will be performing the best of these two bands will ensure you take a trip down memory lane like no other.


To be enjoyed by young, old, new and veteran fans, the Bob Marley & Lenny Kravitz Tribute Show brings you the ultimate night of reggae meets Funk Rock featuring some of the greatest hits from these legendary musicians careers over the last few decades. With a line-up that will blow you away, this killer band will definitely keep you entertained.



To be enjoyed by young, old, new and veteran fans, The Bryan Adams Tribute Show brings you the ultimate night of seeing one of the best artists of our time’s hits performed live.
This killer band line-up will definitely keep you entertained and bring all your favourite Bryan Adams songs back to life.


Guns N’ Roses & Friends brings you the ultimate night of rock ‘n roll with some of the greatest hits from Guns N’ Roses and musician friends like Queen, Velvet Revolver, Journey, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen and more. This killer line-up will definitely keep you entertained and rocking throughout the show. Expect favourites like ‘Paradise City’, ‘Don’t stop Believing’, ‘November Rain’ and many more.



Robert Plant is rumoured to sometimes sing notes only dogs can hear, while Jimmy Page’s shredding skills have inspired generations to pick up an axe and start practicing. Who better to pull off the ultimate tribute show than some of SA’s Rock ‘n Roll legends! Some of SA’s finest will be adding their take to your Led Zeppelin favorites like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘ Kasmir’, ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ and many, many more.


(Corporate Cover Band)

City on Fire focuses on providing professional tailor-made solutions to the entertainment side of any event. Based on years of experience in both the corporate and entertainment industry, City on Fire combines creative aspects to bring you the ultimate entertainment package. Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest standard of performance that appeals both to the event type and attendees.


(Rock ‘n Roll Cover Band)

Speed Wagon is a 70s-to-now cover band. We play the all-time favourites of albums by Bryan Adams, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Lady Gaga, Bob Marley, and Katrina and the Waves to name a few. With a line-up made up of members in the Oooth Entertainment Portfolio, Speed Wagon is the ideal Cover band for corporate events, celebrations and weddings. With high profiles booking frequently, this is a cover band like no other.



(Drummer/DJ Duo)

A One-of-a-kind Drummer & DJ set bringing you the ultimate punk & rock party! Tailor-making the set to match that of the venue or the crowd that will be enjoying the songs, Punk ‘n Roll is the ideal party starter or final act for any event and genre. Featuring Jason Oosthuizen on live Drums and some of SA’s finest radio DJ’s leading the mix, this duo will not only stun those watching them, but will also keep the crowd dancing and wanting more.


(Original Rock Band)

Jason Oosthuizen is a renowned South African drummer and musician. He is largely known for being a member of locally celebrated bands, Van Coke Kartel and Lost&Found, and in 2018 as the front man for Oooth.
In September 2018, Jason decided to broaden his musical horizons to a singer / songwriter position by replacing the drumsticks with a guitar and mic as the front man of Oooth.

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